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Crossing the Bar - Podcast


A KEET-TV podcast – based out of Humboldt County, CA – Crossing The Bar examines the characters and situations of local people through the lens of history and with an eye toward where our collective experience may ultimately lead. Hosted by journalist James Faulk, we hear from local folks on how their lives have been shaped by tradition, and where they, in turn, are taking the rest of us. Historian Jerry Rohde co-hosts and adds expert analysis. Topics include the heritage industries of fishing and logging, the traditional practices of local native communities, and other cultural motifs.

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On Tradition and Future

This first episode of Crossing the Bar features an in-depth interview with local fisherman and angling advocate Ken Bates, who talks about his history in the business, his passion for hands-on work, and his love of the ocean. Historian Jerry Rohde then expounds on shipbuilding on the North Coast over the past two centuries, and provides other local historical context.

Native Balance

Host James Faulk chats with Margo Robbins from the Cultural Fire Management Council on native wisdom, fire management practices, the value of science, and how ancient wisdom can still benefit our lives and ecosystems. Afterward, local historian Jerry Rohde describes how local native tribes survived and thrived through a challenging history shaped by white violence and removal.

The Craftsman

Host James Faulk sits down for an intimate interview with Eric and Viviana Hollenbeck to talk about their Discovery Plus program The Craftsman, their life on the North Coast, their marriage, history, life love and spirituality. They also talk about the struggles they've had to overcome, including PTSD from a tour in Vietnam that left Eric battling in the jungle for an entire year. Following this conversation, James is joined by historian Jerry Rohde who examines many of the cultural and historical issues relevant to the lives and success of the Hollenbecks.