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Watch the Kinetic Grand Championship: 
Saturday 10am to Noonish
 Sunday 10am to Noon
Monday 1pm to 3pm

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3 images stiched together: 1st - image of a couple text: Your thoughts on the redwoods. 2nd. a woman in a green palid shirt near a redwood tree. text: historical perspectives on the redwoods. 3rd. a woman in a ball cap and a long sleeve shirt. standing with her hand on  a redwood tree. Text: education at the college of the Redwoods
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What's Your Favorite Icon

KEET is collecting stories about the objects, symbols, and artifacts that have made an impact on your life - whether it's something iconic from the show, a family heirloom, or a beloved icon in Humboldt or Del Norte County!

April - Old Town Art Crawl

It's now season two of Old Town Art Crawl, and we begin at the Eagle House with some salsa dancers from Salsa at Six in Arcata! Plus we visit the Shadow Gallery, Canvas & Clay, the Brenda Tuxford Gallery, and more!

Headline Humboldt - Fridays at 7pm

Headline Humboldt sums up the week’s news stories that impact Humboldt County.

Kinetic Grand championship

Kinetic Universe is proud to announce the Kinetic Grand Championship 2023! It all starts Saturday, May 27th and continues through the 29th beginning at the Arcata Plaza! Make sure to show up early for each day of the race for maximum glory!

You will be able to watch on Our Broadcast, Our  Livestream OR our YouTube channel. 

Sat: 10am to Noonish
Sun: 10am to Noon
Mon: 1pm to 3pm 

An old photo of a ship that has run aground. The words: Crossing the Bar with James Faulk

Podcast - Crossing the Bar

Join James Faulk and his local guests as they as they discuss Humboldt history and more! Each episode we will also hear from Local Historian Jerry Rohde as he expands on the subject of the episode. 

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