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An old photo of a ship that has run aground. The words: Crossing the Bar with James Faulk

Podcast - Crossing the Bar

Join James Faulk and his local guests as they as they discuss Humboldt history and more! Each episode we will also hear from Local Historian Jerry Rohde as he expands on the subject of the episode. 

Headline Humboldt - Fridays at 7pm

Headline Humboldt sums up the week’s news stories that impact Humboldt County.

a light blue house with many windows. plants in the front lawn.

Beyond Victorian

Eureka is known for its many Victorian Houses. But the town is also home to some stunning 20th century architecture. Beyond Victorian takes you on a tour inside 3 local homes to find out what it’s like to live in these distinctively designed structures.  Hear what the owners find inconvenient. Or find out what they love about living in these 20th century treasures.