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KEET Production Services


KEET offers a comprehensive array of professional video production services tailored to meet the demands of both live and pre-recorded projects.

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State-of-the-Art Studio Facilities

We accommodate productions featuring up to three cameras, two of which are equipped with teleprompter systems. Additionally, our studio boasts an extensive graphics system with the capability to manage up to three separate motion graphics channels. To enhance your production, we offer two video playback channels and the capacity to simultaneously record up to 5 high-definition 1080i video signals. Sound quality is paramount, and our studio supports a diverse range of microphone options, accommodating up to 16 inputs and 8 outputs of audio on the studio floor. Lighting is equally versatile, thanks to our full lighting grid with an extensive selection of light fixture choices.

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Live on Location Production Capabilities

For live productions conducted outside of our studio environment, we have a fully equipped remote production van at your disposal. This mobile unit includes a video switcher, graphics system, and supports up to 4 cameras. Further enhancing the capabilities of our remote production van are two channels of video playback, the flexibility to accommodate 8 microphones and/or audio inputs, along with 2 additional stereo inputs. Live signals can be transmitted through a customer-supplied internet connection, or in select circumstances, routed through KEET's own internet infrastructure for added reliability.          

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On Location Shoots

For on-location shoots, we provide flexible solutions. Simpler or more agile projects can make use of up to 3 cameras and a 4-channel audio recorder. For larger and more complex endeavors, our production van seamlessly integrates an additional 4 cameras and can record an extra 8 channels of audio in conjunction with the supplementary video feeds.   

At KEET, we pride ourselves on the expertise and dedication of our highly capable staff. Our team works diligently to ensure the success of your production. In addition to our core services, we maintain valuable partnerships that enable us to offer a comprehensive range of ancillary production-related services. This includes logistical support for location shoots, innovative set design, and compelling graphic design solutions. Furthermore, we collaborate with a network of talented contractors who can deliver a wide spectrum of production-related services that complement our offerings.

Partner with KEET, and let us elevate your production to new heights of professionalism and excellence.

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