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Ways to Watch KEET

Watch with an Antenna

For people without cable, all KEET services are available via free, terrestrial television broadcast. All you need is an antenna. You may need to re-scan the channels on your TV in order to get the new channels over the air. Over-the-air channels are:

KEET – Channel 13.1

KEET WORLD – Channel 13.2

KEET Create – Channel 13.3

KEET Kids – Channel 13.4

KEET FN/X - Channel 13.5

Watch with Cable Service

KEET is available on area cables services as follows:


KEET – Channel 13

KEET HD – Channel 113

KEET Kids - Channel 133

KEET Create – Channel 134

KEET FN/X – Channel 135

KEET World - Channel 136

Charter Spectrum

KEET – Channel 13

KEET HD - Channel 713

KEET Kids – Channel 191

KEET Create – Channel 192

KEET FN/X - Channel 193

Watch with a Satellite Service


KEET HD - 13


KEET - 13

Watch with YouTube TV

This is a service provided by YouTube and available exclusively on YouTube TV platforms. For the most accurate information or for assistance with the YouTube TV service, please contact YouTube TV Support at this link.

What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is a subscription streaming service that lets you watch live TV from major broadcast and popular cable networks. KEET is now streaming live on YouTube TV, allowing you to see your favorite PBS programs live through the YouTube TV website or app.

What kind of content is available?

YouTube TV includes episodes and on-demand content from locally produced shows and PBS favorites, including American Experience, Antiques Roadshow, Frontline, Great Performances, Masterpiece, Nature, and more.

The accompanying PBS KIDS 24/7 channel helps prepare children for success in school and life through trusted, educational media, available anytime and anywhere. Users can access favorite series, such as Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Molly of Denali, Odd Squad, Pinkalicious & Peterrific, Wild Kratts, and Sesame Street.

Is KEET available on YouTube TV?


How can I see KEET's programming available on YouTube TV?

To access the full line-up available in your area, you can visit the YouTube TV live guide or view the KEET schedule here.

How can I access YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is available online at their website, as well as through the YouTube TV app on smart phones, tablets, and supported devices. Click here to learn more.

Is YouTube TV available through the KEET website, the PBS website or PBS Video app?


Is a subscription to YouTube TV required to view KEET's live stream?

Because this live stream is offered by YouTube TV, users must subscribe to the YouTube TV service to view KEET content through YouTube TV.

How much does YouTube cost?

YouTube TV costs $64.99/month for 1 membership with up to 6 accounts.

Where is YouTube TV available?

YouTube TV is available nationwide in over 99.5% of households in the United States.

I have YouTube TV and would like to request help.

If you have encountered an issue with your YouTube TV service, please contact the YouTube TV support team directly at this link. KEET is unable to troubleshoot the YouTube TV service as this service is maintained by YouTube.

I have YouTube TV and would like to cancel or request a refund.

Please contact YouTube TV directly to cancel your service or request a refund. KEET is unable to update your YouTube TV membership as this service is maintained by YouTube.