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KEET - Social Media Policy

KEET's Social Media – Commenting and Discussion Policy


Below you will find the commenting and discussion policy for all KEET Social Media Platforms. KEET is committed to creating and maintaining a safe space for discussions and sharing of ideas regarding PBS, KEET, and our products, programs, etc. KEET will enforce all policies where moderation is allowed. Everyone is encouraged to make their voice heard, if they so wish, regardless of political affiliation, religion, ideology, etc. However, expressing these viewpoints should be done without the use of inappropriate/demeaning language.

Any comments that violate these guidelines shall be removed. Repeat offenders will be blocked from posting

  1. Show respect and civility in your interactions. Address points, emphasize ideas, engage in debates and discussions, while refraining from using profanity, racism, sexism, bigotry, or any offensive language. Never abuse fellow commenters, and refrain from typing in all caps. Recognize and respect diverse cultural values held by others. Comments containing hate speech, threats, or harassment, as determined by KEET, or any illegal content, will be removed, and the poster may be blocked.
  2. Stick to the current topic. Maintaining focus in your posts enhances the overall quality of the discussion. Posting disruptive statements or engaging in "trolling" to divert a comment thread is prohibited.
  3. Before jumping to conclusions in the comment thread, please watch, listen, or read the post that the comments refer to.
  4. Comments that contain clear misinformation or disinformation are not allowed.
  5. Write your own posts. A link or quote from another source can be a meaningful addition to the discussion; copying and pasting an entire article from elsewhere does not contribute in a meaningful way, and might violate the author’s copyright. Help keep the conversation lively and focused by posting only one link per comment.
  6. KEET’s online community is not an appropriate venue for advertisements, promotions, campaigns, solicitations, or proselytizing. Posts like this will be deleted.


Our guidelines are adapted in part from WGBH's privacy policy, and were created to maintain a positive family friendly space for everyone.