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KEET - What’s Wrong with Humboldt? (And How to Fix It)


Journalists Linda Stansberry and James Faulk explore problems that impact residents of Humboldt County, CA, then research those issues to help provide listeners with the tools to make things better. Conversational yet informative, the show combines serious data journalism with optimism for a brighter, better future community. This podcast is produced as an adjunct to an ongoing series of stories on the Headline Humboldt television program, aired weekly on KEET-TV.

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The Dearth of Dental Care

Linda and James discuss how thousands of Humboldt County residents suffer from an astounding shortage of dental care providers and poor dental insurance coverage even as our society continues to judge people based on the condition of their teeth. The problem is especially true for low- and middle-income families, with Humboldt County offering only a small handful of clinics that accept California’s MediCal dental insurance. Our hosts also review efforts under way to address these issues and attract more dental professionals to Humboldt County.

Everyone Deserves a Home

James Faulk and Linda Stansberry discuss the rising cost of both rentals and real estate in Humboldt County, the influences that are pushing those prices higher, and efforts under way by area leaders to address the problem. By combining their journalism expertise with their personal stories as residents in the area, Faulk and Stansberry deliver an interesting and informed conversation on fairness in housing.

Our Seniors Need Better Care

In this episode of What's Wrong with Humboldt (And How to Fix It), James and Linda discuss our local skilled nursing system. Recent investigations by the California Department of Public Health show shocking patterns of patient neglect inside our local SNFs, largely due to understaffing. Meanwhile, the absentee owner of these facilities is pocketing millions of dollars in taxpayer money through related party expenses. What can we do about this in the short and long term?


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