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Stories from KEET Country: Telling Your Stories in Song

In conjunction with Ken Burns' new documentary Country Music, KEET is sponsoring a lyric and story-writing contest. Our heroes are everyday folks like you who’ve transcended difficult circumstances to emerge whole and wiser on the other side.

Have you ever felt like your life made for an interesting story? That others might learn something from all the events and misadventures that have gone into being you? Here’s your chance to step out of the audience and into song!

What life experiences would you like to share? Write out your thoughts and feelings, tell your tale, and witness the craft of human stories translated into a uniquely American narrative art form -- the country song.

Maybe you lost your dog, the love of your life, or just your innocence? These are the makings of a classic country song.

Here’s how it works: Entrants can write either a non-fiction prose story of their life or actual song lyrics. Both are accepted. Winners will be judged primarily on the quality of the tale. The prize is hearing how real musicians take your stories and/or lyrics and put them to a song. The three winning entries will be played by Cadillac Ranch on stage at the Humboldt County Fair in August.

Sharpen your pencils and plunder the personal gold mine of your experience -- a Nashville hit or two may be in the offing. See below for contest details.

Submit your story to the contest using the form below. You must be 18 or older and be willing to share your story with the public. Three winners will be selected to have their stories/lyrics put to a country tune by trained musicians and performed at the Humboldt County Fair on August 17. Winners will receive a compact disc of their story/lyrics set to music to share with friends and family. Also, winners will receive a pair of tickets to attend the concert at the Humboldt County Fair. We welcome anyone from the community to visit KEET.org and enter. Deadline is Friday, July 19.

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