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In 2021 KEET-TV received a grant from WETA and its funders to create unique opportunities in our community to promote dialogue about the PBS documentary Muhammad Ali directed and produced by Ken Burns, Sarah Burns, and David McMahon.

KEET-TV worked with its partners Word Humboldt, ReWorded, and Ink People Center for the Arts to develop various ways to reach out to people of all ages and create activities and discussions that would explore the work Ali did during his lifetime. 

Through panel discussions with the filmmakers and with African American members of our community, we saw the effect Ali had on the world then and how his actions carry on today in the fight for the rights of Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color. 

 In October 2021, Word Humboldt and ReWorded presented “Speed and Grace," a series of poetry writing workshops focusing on Ali's colorful quotes that guided the conversation and creative writings.

In November of 2021, we held a moderated discussion with panelists from various backgrounds who explored the evolving legacy of Ali's impact on activism through the lens of today’s ongoing struggles for racial justice.

The "Stand Up and Be Counted" exhibition is the culmination of these events. You have the chance to see the community's creative, thoughtful, and expressive works and explore who Ali is to each of them, and perhaps you will see something of yourself reflected in these works.

Starting this Friday Jan. 14, “Stand Up and Be Counted” can be viewed online at and in person by appointment at 627 3rd St., Eureka, Jan. 14-Feb. 21. Appointments for individuals and small groups are available Tuesdays through Fridays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with masking and social distancing restrictions in effect. Give them a call at (707)442-8413 to schedule your visit! ⁠

Stand Up and Be Counted Art and Poetry inspired by Muhammad Ali. deadline for submissions is November 19th.

Are you inspired by the courage and strength of Muhammad Ali? The Ink People Center for the Arts and KEET-TV, with funding from Ken Burns' MUHAMMAD ALI is sponsoring an art exhibit. There are 2 categories: Youth - 13-19 and Adult - 19 and older. Artwork and poetry accepted online at Ink People Center for the Arts. The deadline for submissions is December 10, 2021, and the online exhibition will be in January 2022 The artwork should reflect some of Ali's core principles or utilize one of his quotes. Ali's six core principles are: Confidence: a belief in oneself and one's abilities; Conviction: A belief that gives one courage to stick with that belief despite pressure to do otherwise; Dedication: The act of devoting all one's energy, effort, and abilities to a certain task; Giving: To give without expecting anything in return; Respect: Esteem for one's sense of worth; Spirituality: A sense of awe, reverence, and inner peace. Inspired by a connection to all creation and/or that which is greater than oneself.

for more information about this project go to:

Stand Up and Be Counted show at the Ink People Center for the Arts

On Tuesday, November 9th at 6 pm, KEET-TV, in conjunction with Ken Burns' documentary Muhammad Ali presents an online screening followed by a discussion about the issues of racism and the struggle for social justice both past and present. Inspired by the activism of Ali, the panel will look at his impact during the 60s and 70s and his influence on current movements like Black Lives Matter. Host Ron White leads a panel that includes Aundrea Stuckey, Marcus McDougald, and James Braggs. The multi-generational panel  will look at Ali's impact on activism then and now. You can register here: Ali Film & Conversation on Racism Then and Now

Speed and Grace - onlinepoetry workshops every Thursday in October starting at 6 pm
photo credit: Michael Gaffney
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Corporate funding for MUHAMMAD ALI was provided by Bank of America. Major funding was provided by David M. Rubenstein. Major funding was also provided by The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and by The Better Angels Society and by its members Alan and Marcia Docter; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tudor Jones; The Fullerton Family Charitable Fund; Gilchrist and Amy Berg; The Brooke Brown Barzun Philanthropic Foundation, The Owsley Brown III Philanthropic Foundation and The Augusta Brown Holland Philanthropic Foundation; Perry and Donna Golkin; John and Leslie McQuown; John and Catherine Debs; Fred and Donna Seigel; Susan and John Wieland; Stuart and Joanna Brown; Diane and Hal Brierley; Fiddlehead Fund; Rocco and Debby Landesman; McCloskey Family Charitable Trust; Mauree Jane and Mark Perry; and Donna and Richard Strong. And by viewers like you. Thank You.