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Ready to Learn


Ready to Learn Overview

This workshop is an overview of the entire Ready to Learn service. It gives participants practical tips on how to select quality television for their children and how to extend the learning into reading and other educational activities. This workshop also introduces KEET-TV's children's programs. Handouts are included.

Play & Creativity

Play is the primary way for children to learn about themselves and the world. Make the most out of these natural learning methods.

Health & Safety

Focus on the habits, exercise, eating, environment and other concerns relating to a child's well-being.

Child Development

Explore the stages of growth of a child and find what reasonable expectations to have when tracking their progress.

Social & Emotional Development

Learn how to help children learn to make friends and build confidence so they can succeed in school and in life.

Special Needs

Explore the goals, challenges, and strategies of helping children with special needs have the best chance at success.

Child Care Management

Advice on how to make a difference between a day that goes smoothly and one that doesn't


Learn how to care for children using the best standards, practices, strategies, ethics, resources, and materials available.


Also many other show or theme related workshops to meet your specific needs.