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Highlights & Specials

KEET-TV's Spring Fever On-air Auction

May 24 - 26 and May 31 - June 2 beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Be sure to tune in for six nights of auction fun! With hundreds of items donated by hundreds of supportive local businesses, there is something for everyone. Bid, Buy and Win some great items like restaurant gift certificates, jewelry, vacations, auto care packages and much more.


Dedicated to Chaos (1940-1945)

Young rebels take jazz in startling new directions, but their innovations are largely unnoticed amidst the war effort. In Europe, jazz is banned by the Nazis and embraced by their opponents as a symbol of freedom and democracy.

Call The Midwife

See how social pressure and shame affect two women’s decisions.

It’s 1961 and Poplar is beginning to feel the winds of social change, along with improvements in housing, sanitation and healthcare. Among the complex and challenging cases the nurses and midwives face are two babies born with severe deformities.

Masterpiece: Mystery!

"Wallander, The Final Season: The White Lioness"

While attending a business conference in South Africa, Kurt Wallander is drawn into the case of a missing Swede. He finds himself on a physical and emotional journey that will lead him from the sleek exteriors of Cape Town, to the intense poverty and deprivation of rural Africa. When he comes face to face with lost hope, corruption, and betrayal, can he survive? Meanwhile, Kurt is forced to come to terms with his doubts about his long career in law enforcement--through his new relationships with Grace Thembu, a cop and single mother, and Mabasha, a young man driven to a life of crime.

KEET-TV and The League of Women Voters of Humboldt County 2016 Candidate Forum

Monday night at 7:00 - Humboldt County Board of Supervisors for the 3rd district

The League of Women Voters of Humboldt County and KEET-TV present a live call in forum for the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors candidates from the 3rd district. This is an opportunity to see your candidates and call in your questions to 445-0811 beginning at 6:45 p.m or e-mail your questions to by 4:00 p.m on Monday. All forums are being streamed live by the Streamguys.

Live Streaming of the League of Women Voters of Humboldt County Forums

Monday, June 9, 2016 at 7 PM

Humboldt County Board of Supervisors 3rd District

Independent Lens

Peace Officer

William “Dub” Lawrence was a former sheriff who established and trained one of Utah's first SWAT teams, only to watch in horror as that same unit killed his son-in-law in a controversial standoff years later. In Peace Officer, Dub, driven by an obsessive sense of mission, uses his investigative skills to uncover the truth about that incident and other officer-involved shootings in his community, while tackling larger questions about the changing face of police investigations nationwide. Dub's commitment to turn around the systemic failings he saw as a young officer led to a successful bid to become Sheriff of Davis County, Utah, in 1974. Now retired from public service, Dub spends his free time as a private investigator, especially focused on the shooting death of his son-in-law Brian Wood. His resourceful instincts soon uncover tragic mistakes made by the SWAT teams who confronted Wood, igniting a long-term obsession with bringing to light the truth behind officer-involved shootings and SWAT t


Bombing Hitler's Supergun

Spring 1943. World War II is slowly beginning to turn in favor of the Allied forces. But, growing desperate, Hitler hatches plans for a diabolical weapon: a bank of “superguns" housed in a massive underground complex in Nazi-occupied northern France. Together the guns would be able to pump 300 heavy high explosive shells into downtown London every hour—a target 100 miles away. This weapon could spell doom for the Allies. But how can such a massive gun possibly work? Join NOVA as engineers, archeologists, and World War II historians investigate this fearsome weapon. And discover the two audacious missions designed to destroy the seemingly impregnable supergun complex, one of which is led by none other than Joseph Kennedy Jr. Can these hair-raising missions save the Allied forces?

Call The Midwife

Episode 7

Witness Dr. Turner’s excitement about the contraceptive pill, Patsy’s struggles to help a transient woman determined to avoid the maternity home, Nurse Crane’s help in a post-natal emergency and the return of Sister Evangelina.


A Lesson In Love

Wallander and his colleagues discover a woman’s body half-buried in the forest swamp. As they search the victim’s home, it becomes clear there has been an intruder and, more disturbingly, that the victim’s teenage daughter is missing. But the search for the missing girl leads Wallander down a treacherous path of secrets, confused loyalties, and forbidden love. As Wallander is increasingly threatened by a local biker gang in connection with the investigation, his ability to keep himself safe is called into question. The return of an old flame provides some much-needed relief but, just as we think Wallander may finally find happiness, an unexpected shadow starts to haunt him.

Genealogy Roadshow


A team of genealogists uncovers fascinating family stories at the Old Albuquerque Airport Terminal. A woman seeking a connection to a Native-American code talker learns that a missing branch of her family tree has been searching for her; a man is shocked to find out just how deep his New Mexican roots go; a woman finds out that her ancestor’s life was straight out of a Wild West tale; another questions her family connection to the explosive Trinity Test; one man is linked to a famous comic book heroine; and a woman looks to verify family lore of a connection to Pancho Villa.

Genius by Stephen Hawking

Episode 1: “Can I Travel In Time?”

Join Stephen Hawking as he challenges three ordinary people to determine if time travel is possible. The fascinating journey of discovery features DeLoreans, atomic clocks, a giant black hole and a large swath of New York City.

Doc Martin

Old Dogs

Doc Martin reluctantly makes a house call to an old friend of his aunt’s. Louisa acts on Martin’s insensitive advice but finds that he is in no mood to apologise! Back at the surgery, he finds that he has a new receptionist with her own ideas of filing. His curiosity is aroused about the origin of a patient’s injuries and PC Mylow makes an assumption that leads him to take a course of action that makes him a local hero. The Doc misinterprets when he overhears a conversation, and is surprised when the cause of his patient’s injuries is revealed. Martin’s treatment of his aunt’s friend brings him into conflict with her son, Danny, who has returned to the village from London to finalise her move to a residential home and a shocking episode seems to prove Danny to be correct. PC Mylow uncovers a bit about the doc’s past and the Doc learns a bit about Louisa’s. He is bemused as to why his treatment of Danny’s mother does not seem to be working and eventually hi

Call The Midwife

(Season 5): Episode 8

Join the residents of Poplar as Dr. Turner jumps into action to prevent further infant deformities, Nonnatus House tries to cope with a tragedy and there’s joy all around at a wedding reception.


The Troubled Man

When Linda’s father-in-law, Håkon Von Enke, disappears, Wallander becomes entrenched in his most challenging missing person’s case yet. The only clue to Håkon’s whereabouts is a suspicious submarine incident shrouded in 25 years of secrets. When the case takes a devastating turn, Wallander must delve deeper into cold war politics and, in doing so, uncovers delicate, fractured relationships within the Von Enke family. With time running out, and his own memory working against him, Wallander must prevail against the odds if he is to safeguard his daughter’s future.


The Return

In 2012, California amended its "Three Strikes" law — one of the harshest criminal sentencing policies in the country. The passage of Prop. 36 marked the first time in U.S. history that citizens voted to shorten sentences of those currently incarcerated. Within days, the reintegration of thousands of "lifers" was underway. The Return examines this unprecedented reform through the eyes of those on the front lines — prisoners suddenly freed, families turned upside down, reentry providers helping navigate complex transitions and attorneys and judges wrestling with an untested law. At a moment of reckoning on mass incarceration, what can California's experiment teach the nation? A co-production of American Documentary | POV and ITVS. A co-presentation with the National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC). Official Selection of the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival.

National Memorial Day Concert

An American Tradition Honoring Our Servicemen and Women

The National Memorial Day Concert features uplifting musical performances, documentary footage, and dramatic readings that honor the military service of all our men and women in uniform, their families at home and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. One of PBS’ highest-rated programs, the multi-award-winning television event has become an American tradition, featuring a star-studded lineup performing in tribute to all Americans who have sacrificed for our country. The program is co-hosted by Tony Award winner Joe Mantegna and Emmy Award winner Gary Sinise, two acclaimed actors dedicated to supporting veterans and troops. The concert’s mission is to unite the country in remembrance and appreciation of the fallen and to serve those who are grieving. Executive Producer Jerry Colbert says, “We think of the agony of the mother or father who lost a child, the spouses and children left behind, the people who are wounded in body and soul. And we do this memorial service to remember and

Ted Talks

War and Peace

What does it take to bring about peace? In TED Talks: War and Peace join host Baratunde Thurston to meet those who have experienced every aspect of war — fighters, journalists, psychologists, doctors and peacemakers — for a look at the impact of war and combat in our world. Learn how it affects every one of us in these extraordinary, passionate talks and performances from actor and veteran Adam Driver, who talks about his experience as a marine and how acting helped with his transition back to civilian life, journalist Sebastian Junger reflecting on PTSD after spending years reporting from war zones, author and humanitarian Samantha Nutt examining the proliferation and supply of small arms used to intimidate civilians in war-torn countries, Jamila Raqib, a peace activist and Executive Director of the Albert Einstein Institution who works on nonviolent solutions to some of the largest conflicts of the world, and activist and mother Christianne Boudreau conveying the emotional story of her son's con

Doc Martin

Thursday nights at 8:00

DOC MARTIN is a catchy comedy drama that stars Martin Clunes (Men Behaving Badly) as Martin Ellingham, whose truculence and tactless manner causes mayhem in a small Cornish community. The series details the trials and tribulations of the brash Ellingham, once a celebrated London surgeon who left his job after developing a phobia to blood. After retraining as a general practitioner, he gets a job in the beautiful but sleepy village of Portwenn, replacing their deceased local doctor-but his abrasive personality doesn't exactly mesh with the pace of life in Cornwall.

HomeWork Hotline XI

Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 4:30

HomeWork Hotline returns for its eleventh season to help kids figure out those math and science problems or just have fun learning something new.

The Value of PBS

PBS KIDS reaches nearly 99% of U.S. television households, providing nearly all kids access to what is often their only source of educational TV. In addition, in an average month, more than 13 million unique visitors come to