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Highlights & Specials

American Graduate Day 2014

Saturday, September 27th beginning at 8:00 a.m.

This day-long multiplatform event celebrates the “Stories of Champions” - individuals and organizations committed to improving outcomes for youth and raising graduation rates. KEET will be showcasing the effort's of Eric Hollenbeck, Owner Blue Ox Millworks, Sue-I-Chet “Ryan” Colegrove Coordinator, Hoopa College Success Program and Jim Ritter , Executive Director Humboldt Live Featuring seven hours of national and local programming, live interviews and performances, American Graduate Day 2014 celebrates the exceptional work of these and other individuals and groups across the country who are American Graduate Champions: those helping local youth stay on track to college and career successes.

HomeWork Hotline

Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 4:30

HomeWork Hotline returns to help kids figure out those math and science problems or just have fun learning something new.

The Roosevelts: An Intimate History

Sunday through Saturday, September 14th - 20th beginning at 8:00 P.M.

Ken Burns' seven-part documentary weaves the stories of Theodore, Franklin, and Eleanor Roosevelt, three members of one of the most prominent and influential families in American politics. The 14-hour series marks the first time their individual stories have been woven into a single narrative.

NOVA - Extreme Ice

September 24th at 9:00p.m.

Our lives are going digital. We shop, bank and even date online. Computers hold our treasured photographs, private emails and all of our personal information. This data is precious -- and cybercriminals want it. Now, NOVA goes behind the scenes of the fast-paced world of cryptography to meet the scientists battling to keep our data safe. They are experts in extreme physics, math, and a new field called "ultra-paranoid computing," all working to forge unbreakable codes and build ultra-fast computers. From the two men who uncovered the world's most advanced cyber weapon to the computer expert who worked out how to hack into cash machines and scientists who believe they can store a password in your unconscious brain, NOVA investigates how a new global geek squad is harnessing cutting-edge science -- all to stay one step ahead of the hackers.


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